We manufacture Industrial, Electronic and Pharmaceutical grade Ethyl Cellulose


 What ASHACEL® Polymer products are offered?

 What is the chemical structure for ASHACEL® cellulose ethers? What is the manufacturing process?

 What are the general properties of ASHACEL® polymers?

 What are the physical properties of ASHACEL® Standard cellulose ethers?

 What is the density of ASHACEL® ethylcellulose products?

 Do you have a statement on the physical appearance of ASHACEL® ethylcellulose products?

 What factors impact the film properties of ASHACEL® ASHACEL Pharma Grade grade ethylcellulose?

 What solvents are suggested for use with ASHACEL® ASHACEL Pharma Grade polymers?

 Can you recommend a plasticizer for use with ASHACEL® polymers?

 How do I select the appropriate viscosity ASHACEL® ethylcellulose for my application?

 Can ASHACEL® ethylcellulose films be used as a water vapor barrier?

 Are ASHACEL® polymers compatible with other polymers?

 What ASHACEL® ethylcellulose products are available for pharmaceutical applications?

 How can I select the proper ASHACEL® ethylcellulose polymer for my pharmaceutical application?

 Describe the applications for ASHACEL® ethylcellulose polymers.

 Describe the use of ASHACEL® P grade ethylcellulose polymers in controlled release tablet and bead coating applications.

 Describe how ASHACEL® P grade ethylcellulose polymers can be used in controlled release matrix systems.

 Describe how ASHACEL® ethylcellulose can be used in tablet binding.

 Describe the use of ASHACEL® "P" grade ethylcellulose polymers in micro-encapsulation of pharmaceutical actives.

 Can ASHACEL® polymers be used in personal care applications?

 Do you have cleaning procedures for ASHACEL® ethylcellulose products?

 Describe the handling, disposal, and safety considerations associated with use of ASHACEL® ethylcellulose polymers.

 What is the shelf life of the ASHACEL®  ethylcellulose products?

 Do ASHACEL® ethylcellulose products contain material that has been irradiated or have they been manufactured at any stage with irradiation?

 Is the temperature and the humidity of the warehouse for the ASHACEL®  products systematically controlled?

 What are the average values obtained on ASHACEL® ethylcellulose for the USP Total Aerobic Microbial Count and Total Combined Yeast & Mold Count tests?

 In addition to the MSDS, do you have any other toxicological references on ASHACEL® ethylcellulose?

 Do both the Pharma and Industrial grade ASHACEL®  polymers comply with US FDA Indirect Food Additive regulations?

 Is there a guideline on the amount of ethylcellulose that can be used in a pharmaceutical application?

 Is there a guideline on the amount of ethylcellulose that can be used in a pharmaceutical application?

 What is the regulatory status of ASHACEL®  ASHACEL Pharma Grade products?